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Platform features

SwitchPort represents the latest in ASP based web technology, designed and developed from the ground up as a 100% web based product. No legacy ports, no reliance on legacy technology: you benefit from the most advanced technology available.

With SwitchPort you are using the most advanced thin client communications architecture available today. This means that unlike other e-Collaboration services or platforms, participants to your web meetings, lectures or events can attend without the need for large software downloads and installation, essential for flexible and versatile usage.

time required to initialise web meeting

Limu's communications network has been built to deliver global performance that is reliable and secure. Live e-collaboration depends on the ability to stage real-time communications services with optimal performance.

Our SwitchPort collaboration switches are connected to the Internet through multiple DS3 and DS1 connections with redundant backup. This ensures that throughput and service up-time is optimal at all times and from any part of the world.


Your investment is protected with SwitchPort's open platform architecture, assuring that the standards of tomorrow are supported and allowing you to integrate SwitchPort's capabilities across your organisation with ease.

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