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Platform features

SwitchPort is a modular real-time e-Collaboration, e-Learning and e-Knowledge platform for businesses, learning institutions and service providers. All SwitchPort capabilities can be delivered to a whole company or organisation simultaneously, a single department or a single individual - with full Intranet, Extranet and full virtual campus options provided.

Because SwitchPort is a hosted service on the web, there is no software to install and to maintain for you or any of your end-users. It is simply accessed and utilised through a normal web browser.

SwitchPort provides powerful central administration features for all the elements required for flexible e-Collaboration, e-Learning and e-Knowledge capabilities, including resources, scheduling, controlled access, course management, and user activity monitoring.


Fully interactive and live web based virtual collaboration
SwitchPort delivers live web-based interactive collaboration where any number of participants can meet and interact. Several moderation options are available.

Live Internet voice telephony over IP
Voice over IP adds an enriching experience to online collaboration, with participants talking to each other over the web. This allows users to talk with each other as if it was a conference call, but without incurring any expensive overseas or long-distance phone call charges.

Live interactive text chat
Live text chat allows users to communicate with each other using text-based chat. Text chat is recorded and transcripts are available after each live session.

Live application sharing
Users can remotely demonstrate any software running on their PC or even the entire desktop. Such software application will become visible in real-time for all other participant's.

Fully interactive virtual drawing board
Users can annotate documents, draw shapes and diagrams as well as write on a virtual drawing board. The drawing board is live and interactive and is jointly viewed synchronously by all participants. Snapshots can be made of the drawing board which are recorded and can be viewed at a later date.

Live file sharing and file broadcasting
Allows all users to jointly view any type of file by opening the file on all users' PCs during live sessions.

Website push and co-browsing
Users can view access and discuss other Web sites in real-time. The moderator can open web pages directly on all participants' screen.

Instant polling
Moderators can send instant polls of varying types to all participants and broadcast poll results back to all participants.

Course library
The library can contain all relevant resources and materials and both moderator and users can add and upload new files at any time. Participants can upload their private files.

Discussion forums
Online forums facilitate continuing asynchronous communication between the users of the platform outside of live sessions, whereby users post messages to each other online.

Live session transcripts
All text chat, virtual drawing board snapshots, forum discussions and library materials are stored, and can be accessed at any time in the future.

Easy to use
SwitchPort is easily accessible and user-friendly, making it easy to master and distribute across organisations of any size.

Surveys and tests can be added to the library, allowing the trainer to assess users' knowledge at any time

Fully centralised management
All scheduling of courses or events as well as full administration of participants can be performed through your web browser.

Content creation wizard
SwitchPort's content registration wizard makes structuring your content and event modules into different sessions of varying types and lengths a simple task.

Dynamic content management
Event and course structure can be easily and quickly modified at any time.

Define and manage users of your platform
Create any number of platform users quickly and easily. You can create individual users or even group users.

Provide access to external users
Grant any number of users external to your organisation access to your content and events. This allows you to keep internal content separated from external platform users.

e-mail notification
Full automated notification of account details and live session schedules to platform users.

Centralised assignment of content and events
The allocation of events and courses to the different users/groups of users is centrally managed and controlled.

Allocation of resources
You can centrally allocate the resources that are needed for the provision of content (whether or not these are internal or external resources).

Activity reports
View activity reports for all participants, both learners and instructors. You will be able to identify what knowledge has been consumed or provided, who has used the platform, usage statistics etc.

Online billing and payment tracking
Easily track whether or not your customers have paid for and control access to your platform. The billing feature allows you to automatically generate invoices to your customers.

Your branding
Customise the platform with your own logo or artwork. Transmit a consistent brand message to your users.

Open platform
Because SwitchPort is a 100% web-based platform there is no costly or complicated application installation. Content can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world and by virtually anybody.

Full Intranet access
The platform can be seamlessly integrated with your Intranet, simplifying access for your employees, creating your organisational training and e-learning portal.

Full Extranet access
Your employees, internal resources, external learners and even outside participants can access authorised parts of your training/learning/knowledge content from anywhere in the world.

Asynchronous access
Platform users will be able to access the platform at any time, allowing them to access the materials they need at their own pace

Fully secure access
Your Intranet access can be secured at various levels, including password, URL, IP and subnet-mask authentification.

Fully scaleable
Because SwitchPort is an open web-based platform that is hosted on Limu's infrastructure, the application is highly scaleable and can be distributed over organisations and networks of virtually any size and/or geographical location.

As your usage needs grow, you can increase the maximum number of simultaneous users accessing your online learning platform.

Unlimited number of content modules
The number of simultaneous Live Collaboration Environments is only limited by the amount of simultaneous users you have licensed.

Quick & easy set-up
Any of your platform users can set up and organise live web conferences within minutes. Invited attendees can include any external non-platform users.

Automatic e-mail notification
Attendees are invited instantaneously to the live web conference by email, which are automatically generated and that contain a direct link to the web conference (one-click participation).

One-click participation
Because SwitchPort is an open web-based platform that is firewall friendly, almost anyone can attend the event from almost anywhere in the world, simply by following a single web-link.

Fully featured live web-based conferencing
All the live interactive features available in the online learning platform are also available for web-conferencing: live voice and text chat, live virtual drawing board, file sharing and web co-browsing. Additionally, access to transcripts of the meetings is available too.

Minimum system requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT (Macintosh version available soon)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator version 4.76 or higher. JavaScript and Java enabled
  • Minimum connection speed 28.8 kbs
For live voice facilities, an installed sound card and a microphone connected to a computer are required.

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