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Platform features

SwitchPort from Limu provides effective anytime/anywhere e-Learning. As a blended solution, it offers both live virtual classroom based learning as well as full offline course interaction facilities.

With SwitchPort, learning, training and collaboration can take place live and in real-time through the Internet on a standard web browser. It eliminates travel, accommodation and venue costs associated with conventional methods.

Comprising a fully featured Learning Management System (LMS), content and user administration modules, as well as a virtual campus and catalogue front end, SwitchPort can be customised for virtually any learning and training scenario.

And because SwitchPort is a scaleable and 100% web-based hosted application, no software installation and maintenance is required. All the hard work is done by us: you and your users simply use it as a hosted service through the Internet.

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Go live with e-Learning

Imagine the attraction to existing and potential clients of being able to receive your courses live, instructor-led through their PC. From simple text chat and on-screen documents to application sharing, full voice chat and a virtual drawing board - with SwitchPort you can now have the intimacy of the classroom, and the convenience of the computer combined. And all of this without the need to install any software!

Complement existing courses

Because the way SwitchPort works is so closely modelled on that of a real classroom or lecture theatre, complementing or transferring existing courses online is an almost seamless process. What's more, SwitchPort's built-in Knowledge Asset wizard makes structuring different sessions effortless. The option of centralised administration can also assist greatly with the allocation of content to different courses.

Expand your training resources

With facilities such as online forums for offline communications and a library for references and uploaded files, you'll be offering a 24 hour, 7 day a week service. Plus, all text chat, virtual drawing board snapshots, forum discussions and library materials are stored - to be accessed by you or your clients when they're needed.

Increase your geographic reach

Across the country or across continents, you can now reach learners you would never have considered before, and even combine different geographic locations. Even those in the most remote locations will now benefit from your courses.

Stage world-class seminars

SwitchPort makes it straightforward and inexpensive to host the kind of event that would normally take months of preparation and a huge hall to host. With Instant Web Conferencing you can involve participants from all over the world, yet there's no building to hire, no hotels to book, and scheduling and registering couldn't be simpler.

Open a new distribution channel through Limu's Knowledge marketplace

SwitchPort is fully compatible with Limu's knowledge marketplaces, where consumers and providers of knowledge come together to supply or demand specific training and educational requirements. It is an efficient and easily accessible online global resource that makes the selling of content and sources simplicity itself.

Integrate into your existing solutions

Today Limu opens the power of SwitchPort to your existing solutions and services. SwitchPort's API, provides hosted real-time e-Learning capabilities that can be integrated seamlessly and with only minimal integration efforts to deliver enhanced solutions for a wide range of applications.

Firewall and proxy compatible technology

SwitchPort is fully firewall and proxy compatible. This is important because most organisations today use security restrictive access to the Internet. With SwitchPort you can be assured that both users inside and outside your organisation will be able to use the platform.

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