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Platform features

SwitchPort e-Collaboration from Limu Solutions brings effective anywhere/anytime e-Collaboration to your organisation, delivering a dramatic increase in productivity and immediate cost savings.

With SwitchPort, all collaboration, web conferencing and user interaction takes place live and in real-time through the Internet on a standard web browser in a virtual meeting room. It eliminates travel, accommodation and venue costs associated with conventional methods.

Offering an enterprise wide solution that can easily be integrated with your intranet or extranet, and utilising a persistent data object architecture, your workforce, customers and suppliers are immediately empowered with a live and interactive platform that can be accessed from home, a hotel or quite literally anywhere a PC with Internet is available.

And because SwitchPort is a scaleable and 100% web-based hosted application, no software installation and maintenance is required. All the hard work is done by us: you and your users simply use it as a hosted service through the Internet.

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Improve the efficiency of internal and external collaboration

Every member of your organisation can be more closely integrated into your activities with SwitchPort. Why waste time travelling to a venue when you can hold an online meeting? Live and non-live communications are available anywhere in the country, anywhere in the world with SwitchPort. And whenever an internal conference or important announcement is required, SwitchPort allows it to be scheduled and staged instantly, on whatever scale you require.

Cut the cost and time of training

At a stroke, you can remove the issue of time and distance from the equation. SwitchPort can bring live instructor-led training as well as self-paced training straight to the desk of any employee who needs it, even at home or in a hotel. In fact, you can now invest more time in training, because of the hours and even days saved.

Improve your customer care

SwitchPort can be deployed as a vital tool in customer relations and support. Its interactive web conferencing features, such as application sharing, the virtual white board or document sharing, are ideally suited to presentations such as product launches or sales team demonstrations. And its interactive components, like live chat, make focus groups and after-sales care so much more convenient and effective.

More effective Public Relations

Communicate powerfully and directly with the movers and shakers of your industry, as well as key analysts and journalists. Scheduling a press conference is simplicity itself, and the journalists don't even have to leave their desks. Everything takes place live online and all the documentation to support your presentation can be distributed over the web in real-time.

Integrate into your existing solutions

Today Limu opens the power of SwitchPort to your existing solutions and services. SwitchPort's API, provides hosted real-time e-Collaboration capabilities that can be integrated seamlessly and with only minimal integration efforts to deliver enhanced solutions for a wide range of applications, including sales, marketing, technical support, customer service, training, small business promotion, workgroup collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Firewall and proxy compatible technology

SwitchPort is fully firewall and proxy compatible. This is important because most organisations today use security restrictive access to the Internet. With SwitchPort you can be assured that both users inside and outside your organisation will be able to use the platform.

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