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Platform features

SwitchPort from Limu brings real-time anywhere/anytime e-Collaboration, e-Learning and e-Knowledge to your organisation, delivering a dramatic increase in productivity and immediate cost savings.

At the heart of Switchport lies the industry's most advanced thin client based live e-Collaboration technology, allowing for live web browser based e-Collaboration, e-Learning and e-Knowledge applications. This is complemented by SwitchPort's unique Knowledge Object Architecture (KOA), a persistent data technology creating a blended solution, combining synchronous and asynchronous user interaction and information flows.

As a scaleable and 100% web-based hosted application, SwitchPort requires no software installation and no maintenance for you to worry about. All the hard work is done by us: you simply use it as a hosted service through the Internet.

SwitchPort from Limu offers unparalleled flexibility. Select one of the following and discover what SwitchPort can do for your business.

Empower your business with live web based e-Collaboration and communication capabilities. From web conferencing, sales and customer support, to project collaboration for your entire workforce around the world, choose SwitchPort e-Collaboration.

A blended e-Learning solution combining the best of live web based virtual classroom technology with full LMS, virtual campus and user administration, SwitchPort e-Learning meets your requirements.

Propel knowledge creation, distribution and exchange within and around your entire organisation to the next level with SwitchPort e-Knowledge, the live and real-time knowledge collaboration and management solution.

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